Welcome to ProCivitas

At ProCivitas we aim high, with the ambition to provide the best education among Sweden’s Upper Secondary Schools . To achieve this we are committed to creating a good educational environment, attracting both well educated teachers and highly motivated student. We strongly believe this combination creates stability and an exceptional educational context for our students.

Having a strong connection to local business and industry, we have the possibility to invite external guest lecturers and to provide an external mentor to each student, creating an extra motivation among our students. At ProCivitas we put our students first!

We are part of AcadeMedia, which is Northern Europe’s largest educational company. We are active throughout the education chain: preschool, elementary school, upper secondary school/high school and adult education. More information can be found at:

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1997 Founded in Helsingborg

1999 ProCivitas Växjö

2002 ProCivitas Malmö

2014 ProCivitas Lund

2017 ProCvitas Stockholm

2019 ProCivitas Karlberg

2020 ProCivitas Uppsala

was founded


En grupp av elever sitter och umgås och skrattar


At ProCivitas we are committed to support an international educational cooperation, enabling our students to ba part of an international project with partner schools all around the world. We strongly believe this international exchange of knowledge and culture is an important part of our international social responsibility to increase and improve education for both our own students and student in our partner schools.

If you are interested in becoming one of our partner schools please contact Moana Widell, Internationalization Strategist at ProCivitas.

Direkt: +46 (0)730 – 26 46 84